03 September 2009

Chandni Chowk to China: 1st half too slow, 2nd half much better, more action. Also, what a difference (shaving off) a mustache makes. La.


  1. Oh really? The second half doesn't suck as bad? Sigh. I might actually have to sit through this for Akki.

  2. There's still the plot-incomprehensibility factor in the second half, but there are some funny bits when he's training to become a martial arts expert and I perked up during that, and then the fighting is relatively good too, as far as I remember. It just seemed more lively in the second half.
    Getting rid of the mustache was definitely a good idea, though.

  3. lol! I totallly agree about the moustache thing, and the training montage added some much needed shirtless Akki time!