28 December 2009

Thanks Santa!

Now that the Filmi Secret Santa Project 2009 has finished, I need to give credit and thanks to my Secret Santa: Daddy's Girl (at In Praise of All Things Dharmendra). The Priyanka Chopra / Who's that Girl video she made for me was just one of her wonderful gifts, but I'm keeping the rest for myself.
Well, okay, here's one other :)

I really had a lot of fun finding and making the gifts for my own recipient as well as finding out what my Santa would come up with (presents in your email inbox! just like . . . well, Christmas!). I thought it would be a fun thing to give and receive filmi videos, pictures, songs, whatever else, but when I signed up for it I didn't really think about what it would involve--I drew the name of someone I didn't know at all, so I had a lot of sleuthing to do to find her some things she might like. And then once my own Santa unveiled herself, it turned out to be a great way to get to know more about not one but two bloggers. I'm looking forward to next year already! And thanks to everyone involved! शुक्रिया! धन्यवाद!

19 December 2009

Secret Santa Gift!

So I signed up for the (first annual?) Filmi Secret Santa project, dreamed up by Beth Loves Bollywood. One of the virtual gifts I’ve gotten from my Secret Santa (it’s handmade! just for me!) made me laugh like a drain*: It’s a video of Priyanka Chopra pics, set to the Madonna song Who’s That Girl?


For why this gift is so incredibly funny to me, see here and here. Oh, and here.

And as a bonus, there’s a cameo of the original Spygirl, La Femme Nikita, at the end of the video!

Thank you, Santa!

*Yeah, I don't really know what that means, either.