19 May 2009

Marigold: Ack, they're playing Dhadak Dhadak! A good big chunk of it, too. Easily amused, I am.


  1. This was the 3rd "bollywood" movie I saw, and I say that loosely. I don't remember being very fond of it. I feel like maybe after seeing a year's worth of films maybe I'd pick up some of the subtle things like 'dhadak dhadak' which is one of my fav songs.

  2. Yeah, it wasn't the greatest movie. But I feel a little bad saying that because I was watching the bonus features after the movie and the director said he really wanted to make a Bollywood-type movie because he had been in India for some film festival, saw a Salman Khan movie (I can't remember what it was), and immediately went full-Bolly: he went home and saw over 100 Hindi films in six months and that's how he ended up making Marigold.
    But I still don't think I need to watch it again anytime soon.