09 May 2009


I went over to Anarchivist's house lthe night before last to watch Billu Barber, and when the film was over and the credits rolled, I turned to her and said, "Priyanka Chopra was in this film? Where?"  My brain acknowledged all the other big stars in Billu: Lara Dutta as Irfan Khan's wife - check; Om Puri as the cheapskate villager - check; Deepika Padukone with Shah Rukh Khan in the sci-fi film set number and then Kareena Kapoor again with Shah Rukh in the "Maarjani" song - check and check. But, Priyanka, no. Even after I vowed to remember what she looked like, after I watched and liked her performances in Salaam-e-Ishq and Dostana, somehow she managed to totally get past me here again in Billu. This girl needs to get a job as a spy. 

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